1940 Overview

1940 Census Overview This 1940 Census Overview will give you the basics for understanding and using the 1940 census for your genealogy research. The links below are in addition to those which appear at the top of each page. The image at left reminds us just how far computer technology has come since government officials conducted the sixteenth census of the United States.

1940 Census Overview Links:
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    » 1940 Census Index
    » 1940 Census Records
    » 1940 Census Data
    » 1940 Census Substitute
    » 1940 Census Videos
    » 1940 Census Fun Facts
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Need an Overview for all U.S. Census Records 1790–1940?
If you're somewhat new to using census records or perhaps just in need of a refresher, we also have a more general overview for all U.S. Census Records from 1790–1940. These census basics will serve as a census 101 which you can save to your list of favorite web sites or bookmark for future use.